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Services & Pricing

We only earn when you do.
Discounts available for multiple properties.

We can fully manage your property which includes everything from guest communication, marketing, cleaning and much more. We manage your property on short-letting sites such as Airbnb,, HomeAway and gather Direct Bookings so you don’t have to. We list your property, find the guests, look after them, and even clean up after them not to mention manage the linen & changeovers. You won’t need to worry about a thing, we only charge a Management Fee in exchange for our full management service or opt-in for our other packages below.


We charge 14-17%
for Full Management!
No Long Term Contracts.
Leave Whenever.

  • Security Camera Included

  • Bills set up / Support

  • Custom Guest Guidebook

  • Supplies/Amenities Management

  • Marketing on main Booking Platforms

  • Listing Creation + Property Description

  • Management of all Guest Communication

  • Generating bookings, whether small or long term contractors/workers

  • Key Management

  • Collect Deposits from Guests

  • Collect ID’s and Signed Signatures from Guests (T&C’s)

  • Maintenance, Damage & Repair Management

  • Replenishment of Necessities

  • Personalised Guest Guidebook/Welcome Pack

  • Housekeeping Managed by us

  • Cleaning Managed by us

  • Interior Design/Staging Support

  • Organising Fresh Linen/Changeovers

  • Guest Emergency Contact

  • Periodic inspections of your property

  • Monthly Management Reports / Breakdowns

  • Marketing Campaigns/Social Media Promotion

  • Financial Reporting

  • Hassle-Free for Landlords/Investors

  • Great for Hands off Investing

  • Perfect for those travelling abroad & don’t have the time to manage!




  • No rent arrears

  • 0% Agency Fees

  • FREE Refurbishment to the property

  • No Hassle, completely passive income for you

  • Long Agreements (1-5 years)

  • Property maintained to a high standard

  • All Maintenance & Bills Covered

  • We will carry out minor repairs

  • You’ll receive guaranteed rent every month whether the property is occupied or not

  • You will continue to benefit from the capital growth appreciation

  • We become the tenant in a way! We take over the bills.


Our Guest Process System is something we are really proud of. With updates being made all the time it’s always at its best and the most up to date, safest method.
This process below is really streamlined and takes minutes to be completed depending on the Guest!

Guest books an apartment/property

A welcome message is sent immediately when a booking is confirmed consisting of their booking details such as times and dates and also a link to sign our Terms.

Terms & Conditions / ID Collected / Guest Vetted

As soon as the Guest has booked, we send them a link within the same welcome message asking them to sign our Terms & Conditions and attach their ID.
At the end of the form, we have custom-built question section which the guest must answer such as;
Number Of Guests Staying
Reason For Stay
We also collect their signature as they agree to our Terms & Conditions.

Security Deposit

We have a system built for a swift and quick procedure. Our system automatically collects a Security Deposit from all new guests who've booked.
The amount varies with each property but the base is £100 and this can be any amount. The Deposit must be collected in order for them to receive Entry Details/Instructions.

Final Checks

We'll check all documentation provided by the Guest and check the deposit has been received. We receive notifications if the guest has not paid and if they have not paid they automatically DO NOT get sent Entry Details to the property. So they must Pass this first for our system to send them the Entry Instructions/Details. Our security measure is top-notch!

Guest Communication

The Guest gets sent a "Reminder of upcoming stay" message which is sent 72 hours (3 days) before their check-in.
Then they get sent the "Check-in Instructions" 24 hours (1 day) before check-in once everything is approved in our previous steps like deposits and signatures.

They can ask us anything they wish during this period, but 99% they don't as we create custom Guidebooks and have an online page where they can view the Entry Instructions and see all the details of the property such as how to get in, find the keysafe and much more! See more information on this page.

Excellent Guest Support

During the guests stay, we'll always be on hand via Phone, WhatsApp, Chat and the platform in which they booked on such as Airbnb,, HomeAway and more!
We'll deal with all calls, enquiries, questions and requests leaving you the Landlord/Investor/Agent with nothing to worry about.

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