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5 Reasons To Work For An AirBnB 
Management Company in

The demand in Manchester for Short-term lets & accommodation is growing rapidly! From houses to apartments in Manchester City Centre and other areas in Manchester such as Salford, , Hulme, Ardwick, Ancoats, Ordsall or areas near the Stockport, Manchester Airport or even Trafford Centre.

The need for Airbnb Management Companies is highly needed to catch up with the demand. Short-letting and Airbnb’ing is a fast-growing market, a lot of homeowners/landlords are taking advantage of this growth and seeing the achievable profit.

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Trying to list your property on Airbnb yourself is not as easy as it sounds and to take advantage of all platforms such as, HomeAway etc is harder to do when you don’t have the full knowledge or experience.

It takes hard work dealing with guests, enquries, security issues, vetting the guest, dealing with cleaning, linen, paying cleaners and organising linen, the list of things to do to even run a ‘Airbnb’ is not as simple as people think.


PLATINUM PROPERTY STAY are an Official Partner and we utilise as many OTA (Online Travel Agents) platforms as possible to enable your property to achieve as many bookings and earn more profit.

By having an experienced Airbnb Property Management Company like us is your best chance to achieve great results from your listed property along with Professional Photography and Listing Optimisation.

1) The Expertise & Experience Of An Airbnb Management Company

As an Airbnb Management Company like us, we have a vast amount of experience when it comes to the major online booking platforms such as or Airbnb. We have procedures and systems in place that you may not as a single host or doing it alongside your job.


As an Airbnb host, you have to do a lot of things such as listing the property, sorting out professional photography, take care and organise cleaning, linen, stock replenishment, deal with guests enquiries as soon as they come in, but if you have a full-time job then it is going to soon to be impossible for you to do all this without support or help!


Management companies like us have vast industry knowledge in dealing with guests and properties.


Working with an experienced Airbnb Property Management Company gives you a complete hands-on Short-term rental income/revenue which you can do a lot with that extra money like a holiday for your family or an hands of investment if you’re an investor. Even more, you’ll know that your property is taken care of and you’ll receive reports of the property.

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2) Hassle FREE Host!


Managing an Airbnb home/apartment comes with a lot hassles such as key exchange, organising cleaners, linen, dealing with damages and repairs, providing a 24/7 guest support and more importantly, guests who need help! You may run into a problems if you don’t have a process in place or a team to help you at 12 pm in the night or 8 am in the morning.


Suddenly being a host can be a daunting task to do, luckily Management Companies exist!

When you have an Airbnb Management Company like us in place,  you won’t find yourself in worrying situations like this, we’ll deal with all the hassles of an Airbnb Host and do it professionally.


Everything from management to guest experience is taken care of by an expert in your local area and can easily help a guest when needed. You reap additional revenue/income that comes from your property with peace of mind.

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3) Guests Benefit From A Professional Service

Guest reviews and feedbacks is a huge part of the revenue or profit you make, the less or bad reviews then the less guests are willing to book your property and pay. Airbnb Management Companies understands that a property with 5-star reviews is more likely to get more bookings regularly versus a property with a rating of 2 stars compared to 5 stars.

Hence why we go over and beyond for each guest, we treat them to 24 support, offer custom guidebooks and video gudies to make the guest experience swift and easy. From prompt guest support via WhatsApp, Phone, Text, responding quickly to repairs, and mainting the property to a high standard. We are trusted for such unrivalled services.

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4) Freedom, More Time Doing YOU

Being an Airbnb host comes with lots of time commitment. If you’re just doing this full-time or as a part time investment/extra source of income, you’ll be sure to spend at least 20+ hours a week to tweak and generate bookings.

For those who value time with their family and friends, this may be an issue when trying to balance your job, being a host and spare time efficiently. The best decision would be to invest in working with a Management company like us.

​We exist to handle every stage of hosting a property and deal with the hassle of bookings & guests – Requiring very little from you as an Airbnb host as we will take over and do it professionally.

This gives you the freedom to do what you want while earning money from your property, spend quality time with your friends and family and other areas of your life.

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5) Benefit From A Professional Strategies

Working with a Airbnb Management company offers you various strategies from marketing, pricing and industry knowledge available.

From listing optimisation, custom guidebooks, custom one-click entry details, professional photography,  professional support and fast host service, property reporting. We sure know what works best.

You need to be very flexible and on-call 24/7 with guests and being a host on Airbnb or other platforms. Some guests will inquire at the oddest hours to make bookings or late at night while you’re asleep, or while you’re at work, or even some will book last minute and if you haven’t prepared then you’ll have 1 hour or less to get the property ready for the next guest or face cancellation fee’s or extra costs on your side for cancelling.

By having Platinum Property Stay in place, we have systems in place that take care of this and any last minute bookings, we vet each guest, make sure they pass our security check, we collect their ID and much more!

Airbnb Management companies can provide you with the support you need to ensure you stay on top of your game. We’ll do our best to make sure your property earns the most revenue.

serviced accommodation management

AirBnB Property Management Manchester


Platinum Property Stay is one of Manchester top-level management services provider. If you’re a busy host, landlord, agent or investor who needs help running your short let in Manchester and is struggling to arrange key pick-ups and drop-offs, let us take the stress away and manage your property for you hands off!

See our Homepage for more information about our management services or contact us for a free consultation to find out how we can make your life easier!

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